How To Put The Fun Back Into Dating!

Making the First Move to Get the Man You Want

Have you ever been really interested in a guy, hoping he’ll soon ask you out? You smile at him, bat your eyes at him, flirt with him. And… he doesn’t? Let’s face it, ladies: sometimes men can be a bit daft. Mrs. Banks said it all when she sang, “Though we adore men individually, we […]

The Formula for Happiness Starts with You

What fuels our desire to earn the biggest paycheck we can possibly earn? That’s easily answerable: a greater sum to spend on new shoes, good wine, oh and let’s not forget gas, groceries, and financial security. What drives us to want to find that perfect man, our soulmate? An eternal companion, a father for our […]

Working Your Assets

When we first start dating someone, we always want to look amazing. We try to achieve this in many different ways, like playing around with our makeup, switching up our style, or even trying a new hair-do. All of this can contribute to our looks, but so can the assets we already have. When we […]

Deciphering What Men Really Mean

Sometimes, it feels like men and women live in two different worlds despite being on the same planet. It’s a well-known fact that men and women tend to think differently. As women, we are creatures driven by emotion and tend to say what we mean in order to express our feelings. Men are just different […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Love, Welcome It With Open Arms

In the first few months of meeting my boyfriend, I thought I was dreaming. We meshed almost perfectly, could talk for hours, he understood my sarcasm, and he could keep up with my ever-changing emotions. It certainly didn’t feel like reality to me, which gave me worry. Sound familiar?  Have you ever met someone so […]

Your Best Friend

Why do women insist on thinking that their job is to put the needs of the man in their life ahead of their own needs? Or for that matter, why should the kids come first? Come on, let’s be realistic here… How can all of these people and their needs, wants, and desires come before […]

About How To Put The Fun Back Into Dating (HTPTFBID)

How To Put the Fun Back Into Dating is an invigorating and enlightening space created for the Goddess within you. We have all struggled to keep up with the ever changing dating norms and expectations. Thus, quite often we find ourselves looking at dating as a daunting and downright frightening task.

That’s where we come in, to transform the way you view dating and inevitably transform your life. We will guide you through all of your questions and doubts, whilst providing you with information that will empower you and give you back that sparkle to attract and keep the man of your dreams.

It is never too late to reclaim your life, and alter your love life to give you the exciting, fun, passionate love life you deserve.

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5 Dating Disasters Women Make On Their First Date
5 Dating Disasters Women Make On Their First Date
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