How To Put The Fun Back Into Dating!

GET OUT OF THE HOUSE ALREADY! : The Eight Fun Summer Dates You Must Try!

If you haven’t gone outside to really enjoy the gorgeous weather we have had so far this summer, then shame on you! What’s the whole point of waiting on summer if you’re not going to go outside of your house and really appreciate it, and with someone else too? Here are a few fun summer […]

The 7 Dating Tips You Already Learned In Kindergarten

Most of us didn’t start dating in grade school, at least we didn’t date in the conventional sense. Yes, there may have been the occasional kiss on the cheek, the innocent game of doctor, or the “going out” with a guy or girl that involved constantly ignoring each other until you sent a friend to […]

Where Are You Looking For Love?

Are you looking in all the wrong places for your special someone? A few years ago, my then-current boyfriend asked me if I would ever hit on him at a bar.  Meaning, if we were both single, would I approach him.  I laughed a little, turned my nose up some too, and told him that […]

The Fear Factor: How to Prepare Yourself and Kids for Dating

Your teenage daughter has been spending tons of time on her phone, talking to someone you and have no idea who it is. Shortly afterwards, say a week or so later, she says she has a date. And you start to panic, questions loom over, how are you feeling about this? Are you ready for […]

The Quest for Happiness Led to a Sex Kitten

Do you want to be happy? If you’re like most people, you do, and you read every article you come across that promises the easiest, best, most effective way to find happiness, and provides an exact recipe or template that will work for everyone. The truth, darling, is that there is no cookie-cutter approach to finding […]

Five Tips for Learning Self Pleasure

“So, you like that title, huh? That’s great, because we are jumping right into a gulp of SELF PLEASURE. I can’t go very long without having sex. What can I say…I like it, I want it, and darn it, if I can’t get it from my man then it’s up to me. I’m not going to […]

About How To Put The Fun Back Into Dating (HTPTFBID)

How To Put the Fun Back Into Dating is an invigorating and enlightening space created for the Goddess within you. We have all struggled to keep up with the ever changing dating norms and expectations. Thus, quite often we find ourselves looking at dating as a daunting and downright frightening task.

That’s where we come in, to transform the way you view dating and inevitably transform your life. We will guide you through all of your questions and doubts, whilst providing you with information that will empower you and give you back that sparkle to attract and keep the man of your dreams.

It is never too late to reclaim your life, and alter your love life to give you the exciting, fun, passionate love life you deserve.

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5 Dating Disasters Women Make On Their First Date
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