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First Date Advice: What To Talk About

First Date Advice:  What To Talk AboutOftentimes we wonder what to do in dating and how to date a man.  We struggle to find words to say on the first date.  We don’t know how to act and we are not prepared.  This is why we are so nervous for the first date.  So, if you want to have fun in dating; especially on your first date; it’s important to come prepared.  Having an idea of things you can talk about before ever going on the date in the first place is a great starting place.

No.1′How was your day?’

   This conversation starter is perfect to avoid embarrassing silence. People have no problem talking about themselves especially when it comes to work and their daily schedule. This question works magic with your conversation and creates the impression that you’re really interested in everything about the lifestyle of your date.

No.2 Past Conversations

   Though it might be your first date, probably you’ve met before. Use the past conversations and events as the perfect subject for small talk.

    Ask your date about where he was when you phoned him last time. You can also find out more about his favorite travel destinations and other details.

No.3 Talk About Not Talking

   Silence can be pretty embarrassing. Therefore, why not have fun while mentioning that it is difficult to find a theme you both enjoy.

   It will definitely make you more relaxed and you can also make a few jokes on this subject.

No.4 Questions with Open Ending

   Always ask questions that have an open ending. Skip those ones that can be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Avoid creating the atmosphere of an interrogation and let him do the talking instead.

No.5 Talk about the Place You’re In

   Ask him whether he is a regular customer there and what are other places he likes to visit in your town or other cities. This is a perfect conversation starter if you wish to rule out the chance of running out of any subjects for delightful small talks.

No.6 Make Them Smart and Useful

    If you have a problem, go ahead and ask them for any advice. Make sure these problems will still preserve your spotless reputation and these are related to job or hobbies. Skip topics such as family conflicts, exes and other personal problems. If you’ll have the communication skills to make him feel useful and confident, you’ll earn the privilege of a second date.

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You wouldn’t go into a job interview unprepared, and if you want to make a great first impression you shouldn’t go into a first date unprepared either.  It’s always a great idea to think of conversation topics before you meet with him; and have a backup plan if things go south.  What kind of things do you plan for on a first date?  Let us know by commenting below.

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First Date Advice: Using Coupons on a First Date

First Date Advice:  Using Coupons on a First DateIf you’re headed out on a first date it might be a good idea to leave the Groupon at home and use it on the third or fourth date.  It seems that people don’t appreciate frugality on a first date.  However, with that being said there’s a bit of fun information about Groupon that I wasn’t aware of until I read this article this morning.  If you’re looking for some fun in dating and a relationship and college tuition for your baby – this might be something for you to check out. It might make you want to use that Groupon on the first date despite it being tacky.

Did you know Groupon has its own dating site, Grouspawn? Therein lies perhaps the most enticing deal of all: if you happen to use a Groupon on your first date, then document it meticulously, then conceive a child, you can apply to get that child’s college tuition paid for by Groupon. All of this is to say that no, using an online coupon on a date doesn’t automatically make you a weirdo or cheapskate. Using Groupon to spawn a child in order to get a $60,000 trust fund, however, is just practical fiscal advice in today’s struggling economy.

Online coupons like Groupon and LivingSocial have been wholeheartedly embraced by the Internet generation, and the trend will presumably continue to grow (well, except for Facebook Deals, which recently met its demise). Just a few days ago, Groupon invaded academia by offering decreased tuition on a grad-level introduction-to-teaching course at National Louis University, according to The Chicago Tribune.

When it comes to your love life, however, it would probably behoove you not to whip out a coupon on the first date, especially if it’s for something small or boring. Such a gesture may appear gauche, uncouth, or give off the impression that your date is not worth her or his weight in Pinkberry, and then you will never get the hot, over-the-jeans action that frozen yogurt consumption inspires in certain young ladies. If the date is creative, like trapeze flying or a trip to Jackson Arms shooting range, then you have more leeway to use an online coupon because of the adventure aspect. You’re broadening your date’s horizons! And this Glock isn’t gonna pay for itself.

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Would you use a coupon or discount on your first date?  Let us know by commenting below.

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First Date Advice: The First Impression

First Date Advice: The First ImpressionThe all important first impression on a first date can be nerve wracking but if you go in with some good advice and you know what to do in dating you’ll be just fine.  You need to be able to have fun in dating so the best way to do that is arm yourself with the best tools and advice before you try to figure out how to date a man.

There are a couple of things that you need to know about a first date.  First of all, you have about 20 minutes for the man to decide if he’d like to date you again.  This means you have a very short window to make him see the fun, beautiful Goddess in you.  So don’t be shy and hide behind a smoke screen.  Have confidence and show him the real you right away.

Did you know that you have approximately 20 minutes to make a good impression – or avoid a bad one – on a first date? The reason is it takes about that much time for singles to decide whether or not to see someone again. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to pull out all the stops in the first 20 minutes in order to impress someone; however, it does mean that there are two little things you can do to give yourself an advantage and keep a date intrigued.

Ask Questions, Remember the Golden Rule
So what is a first date all about again? It’s a chance to get to know someone. And you certainly can’t get to know someone without asking questions. Therefore, don’t spend the whole date talking about you. It’s so easy these days to get bogged down in what’s going on in our own lives, that we don’t take time to sincerely ask what’s going on with other people’s lives. The key is, be self-aware; if you know you enjoy talking a lot, take a chance to shift the conversation. If you know you’re shy, then this is your chance to speak up. Confidence is key.

Also, there is nothing more unattractive than being rude or dismissive of those serving you coffee, lunch or dinner, driving you in a cab, and so on. Remember the Golden Rule when you’re out with a new companion; trust us, your date will notice and react positively.

Avoid Deal Breakers, Avoid Deals
According to another set of first impression criteria, It’s Just Lunch respondents came back at us with a few deal breakers that could derail the potential for a second date. Among them; answering a phone call or text, drinking too much, being late, and not having any interests in common. Unless it’s an absolute emergency, put the phone away during a date— you can’t get to know someone if your distracted by calls and texts. Keep the alcohol use to a minimum and don’t show up late (and whatever you do, do not show up late and drunk.) However the biggest deal breaker is, not surprisingly, a lack of common interests. Sometimes, you might find you don’t have anything in common with your date, and that’s ok. Relax, and don’t push it.

Also, a new trend in dating is deciding on whether or not to bring an online coupon, such as a Groupon or Living Social deal to a first date. Our advice? Ditch it. Only 20% of our respondents said it’s a smart idea. We agree with the majority that it looks both tacky and cheap.

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What’s your opinion on the first impression?  Let us know by commenting below.

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First Date Advice: Don’t Talk About It

First Date Advice:  Don’t Talk About ItWhen you’re heading out on your first date and you’re wondering what to do in dating and how to date a man it’s important that you’re aware of what NOT to talk about on that first date.  There are certain subjects that we just don’t broach on a first date – unless circumstances call for it.  Have fun in dating by talking about less personal subjects, ask him a lot of questions and keep the conversation light and easy.  Here are a few things to avoid in conversation on your first date; in order to leave a good and lasting impression.

Dieting and exercising is definitely good if you’re going the healthy way, but that is definitely not something your date wants to hear on your first date. Everyone will appreciate your healthy lifestyle choice, but on your first date try to find other pleasant ways to explore each other’s personalities. A person that talks too much about themselves and their body is most likely not going to be asked on a second date.

Your ex boyfriend/girlfriend is definitely a No – No subject as no one wants to hear you complain or brag about your ex. Talking about your ex might make you seem still way too attached and that usually scares people off. Talk to your friends about failed relationships for starters.

Your sexual experience is a subject that you want to avoid especially on your first date if you don’t want to create the impression you’re slutty. Guys find girls to be more attractive if they maintain a more mysterious allure which enables them to fantasize.

Every girl loves shopping, but your date will most definitely not care where you shop and what you bought this week. If you want to go on a shopping spree together one day, make sure you don’t seem to be a shopaholic on your first date.

Don’t be super excited about your drink and talk about the numerous cocktails you find delicious or you’ve had last weekend, as you don’t want to give the impression you like alcohol way too much. Plus make sure you don’t have too many drinks as getting tipsy on your first date isn’t sexy.

Money is definitely a subject that you should stay away from. You don’t want to create the impression you’re a ‘material girl’ or that you’re too rich or too poor. You’ll find out what you want to know eventually.

Don’t talk about your personal problems as you might appear like a person that likes to whine and complain too much, and men find this a turn off. When you’re on your first date try to discover the other person’s preferences and not talk about you and your problems too much.

Marriage is a subject that you should definitely stay away from at least for a couple of months as you don’t want to scare your date off. Everyone wants to walk on the aisle at one point, but you don’t want to look like you’re desperate to get married.

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Are there other subjects that you can think of that you avoid talking about on a first date?  Let us know what they are by commenting below.

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