How To Put The Fun Back Into Dating!

The Four Man Plan: A Romantic Science (A Fiona Fine / Women Who Run It Interview)

Are you tired of the same old dating scene leaving you frustrated and lonely… AGAIN

Ready to turn things upside down and try something completely new?

Find out what an ‘engineer’ and a ‘mathematician’ turned dating pros can teach you that will not only give you better success rate in finding your ideal man, but will keep you from getting bummed out by the whole dating game while you’re doing it!

Tune in for this exclusive tell-all, no-holds-barred interview between dating experts Fiona Fine (a former engineer) and Cindy Lu (a hobbyist mathematician). This is a dynamic, insightful and at times hilarious interview that flies in the face of conventional dating wisdom and thumbs its nose at society’s expectations about how ‘good girls’ should conduct their love lives.

Listen HERE:

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PS: Fiona has followed a Four Man Plan herself over the years of her dating life to amazing results and advocates “it is the only way to create a love life of your dreams!” Cindy Lu also applied her “Four Man Plan” and found her husband!

This audio was produced by Women Who Run It: Your Life – Your Love – Your Terms! an e-magazine for smart, successful, super-achieving women.  If you enjoyed this audio, please find more and other great articles at

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Pierrette Raymond

Getting Over The Challenges of Dating in Your 40s, 50s, and Beyond ….

Pierrette RaymondI had a chance to be interviewed by Pierrette Raymond of Moving Forward Matters. She works with families and seniors to help them ‘resize’ their lives and get re-established. She was asking me about the different issues that women face when they are looking to date in their 40s, 50s and/or 60′s. As each decade seems to highlight different challenges,I shared some insights in the different challenges and possible solutions.  Please join us…


Pierrette Raymond interviews Fiona Fine.  Listen Here:

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7 Ways to Meet Great Men

7 Ways to Meet Great Men

So that dashing guy you met at the bar wasn’t quite what he seemed?

Bars and clubs might be traditional places to meet men, but let’s face it, the men you meet there might not be the men you’re looking for.  If you want to find men of substance, get off the barstool and get creative.

If you want to meet interesting men, you need to lead an interesting life of your own.

Here are some new ideas for meeting Mr. Right—or Mr. Right Now:

1. Get Out of Town
There’s nothing like getting away from the daily grind to make you feel alive and open to new experiences.  Free poolside daiquiris don’t hurt, either.  An upscale, all-inclusive vacation can be just the place to find a man who feels the same way—and looks good in shorts, too. Whether you’re looking for an island fling or something more, just make sure you’re up front about what you’re looking for.

2. Check Out Their Toys
Men love to look at cars and boats, and your local car or boat expo will be full of all three.  Bring along a girlfriend as your wing-woman and head to the show.  As you’re pretending to look at beautiful cars (or not!), you can also look at the  men. A few intelligent questions about that Roadster he’s eyeing can easily lead to something more.

3. Museum Quality
If you’re looking for the intellectual type, museums can be a great place to meet men.   Pick a museum that genuinely interests you—if you can’t get enough Rafael, grab a sketch pad and head to the art museum; if you love history, ask that cutie with the notebook if he can read the inscription on that ancient Greek vase.  Connect around your intellectual interests and you might find yourself continuing a fascinating conversation over dinner.

4. Come Out for the Cause
There is no better way to meet new people in general than by putting yourself out there for a good cause through charity work or activism.  And if you’re looking to meet someone who shares your background or values, religious and cultural organizations are great places to volunteer. Not only will you make new friends, but you’ll meet some incredible men of conscience.  Not only will you be helping your community, you’ll also be connecting with men who are caring, compassionate, and giving.

5. Try a Sample
If you’re the sensual type, wine tastings and food events are great ways to meet men with gourmet taste.  Take a cooking class, attend a chocolate tasting, or learn how to ‘homebrew’. Delicious smells and tastes heighten the senses and put everyone in a sensual mood—and who doesn’t want to meet men who can cook?

6. Play a Round at the Country Club
If you’re into sports like golf or tennis, joining your local country club is a great way to meet men.  Of course, just joining won’t be enough; you’ll have to spend time there, so make sure it is a place you enjoy. Country clubs also sponsor social events for members. Whether you’re perfecting your swing or having a drink at the nineteenth hole, you’ll meet men with common interests—and you might even find a new golf partner.

7. Read the Situation
Joining a book club can be intellectually stimulating, and if you find the right club, you’ll find some great men.  They might be quieter than the types you’ll meet at bars and clubs, but maybe more intelligent and sophisticated—and if you’re the bookish type, they’ll be less likely than most men to be intimidated by your intelligence. By reading, you can explore whole worlds together—and who knows where you might end up?

There are plenty of quality men out there—and wherever you go in your daily life, keep an open mind.  Don’t be afraid to start a conversation.  And remember, having your own fulfilling life is the best way to attract intelligent, fulfilled men!

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