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Dating Dos and Don’ts: How To Get It Right Online

The world of online dating is really not that difficult if you have a few simple rules to follow so you know how to play the game.  Most of the rules are the same as in regular dating.  You don’t want to text your date 100 times for every one of his texts.  Don’t overwhelm him with your insecurities in your life and absolutely DO NOT make him feel you’re desperate by emailing him back within seconds of receiving the email from him.

As a beautiful Goddess you should have better things to do with your time than sit around and wait for him to email or text you back.  Let him stew on things for at least a few hours.  Finish your lunch with the ladies or that great workout class.  The email will still be there when you’re done and you can then put your focus into replying instead of sending something quick back that you weren’t really thinking about.


When you’re in the world of online dating, keeping most of your messages short and sweet actually will make your potential date crave your words that much more! You want to think of your emails as little appetizers, it’ll keep him hungry and he’ll want more and more!


Ladies, even if he doesn’t answer right away, you don’t want to double-email. It should be one email for each email he returns. It’s sort of like text messages, you shouldn’t text a guy three times in a row before he has a chance to text you back once. It makes you look a little desperate and a little needy and you have better things to do with your time!


While you’re keeping those emails shorts and sweet, you definitely want to ask some questions. It should be one question and answer per email. Remember the shortness? Most guys can’t get through more than just a few sentences, so make sure that you keep the questions on the short end until you figure out what kind of guy you’re dealing with!


It’s really funny that this is one of the most common mistakes that a lot of girls make when they begin online dating. Ladies, don’t rant to your new potential! Doing quirky, quippy little lines to make your sense of humor known is one thing, but writing up a complete and total rant about how you hate your job is another.


No matter how badly (and I know I would want to too!) reply, waiting is better. Not only will it leave your potential in suspense, but it will let him know that you have a life outside of online dating too! So wait a half a day, wait a few hours – see what happens!


This one is right up there with no ranting – ladies, don’t confess your entire world through email. You want to save all of your insecurities, save all of your secrets and save all of your confessions for your BFF’s, not for a potential date. If you really want to confess something, make it about something a little trivial – not something important!


Finally, make sure that you’re cautious in what you’re sharing. To be completely honest, you aren’t sure who you’re talking to when you’re going through online dating. Keep facts like an address and phone number to yourself for a while, until you get to know the guy you’re chatting with!

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What other rules do you use when online dating?  Share your ideas with us by commenting below.

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