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Dating Dos and Don’ts: Know What Type You Are

I ran across this article the other day that made me laugh; but it also has a little bit of truth to it.  I thought I’d share it; if for nothing else you get a chuckle out of it.

There are different types of men out there that we all go for.  But what we sometimes don’t realize is that there are also different types of women.  Below is a list of a few of the different types out there.  Now, I know that this list is not conclusive and that there are many others to add to it.  But I found some of the descriptions not only funny but accurate.  Enjoy.

  • Pretty Girl w/Low Self-Esteem – She’s pretty but doesn’t know it.  Her self-esteem is low.  She may have been raised in a strict/religious family that played looks down or some dude in her past has obliterated her self-esteem with violence or mind games.
  • Pretty Girl w/High Self-Esteem – She’s pretty and she knows it.  Her self-esteem is not just high, it’s over-the-top.  She’s used to getting what she wants and she knows how to get it.  She’s the kind of chick who doesn’t respond to men giving her compliments unless it’s to say, “I know.”
  • Easy Pu$$y – She’s ready to get down with any man who gives her some attention and she let’s that be known by the way she dresses, walks, and talks.  She’s the chick with the skin-tight pants on and her butt poked out.  She’s the chick who doesn’t just walk past men, she sashays past them.  She wants the attention and usually gets it.  Although she pulls lots of dudes, they’re not the kind that stick around.
  • No Brainer – She’s not that bright so it’s pretty easy to pull the wool over her eyes.  She can be naive or genuinely slow.  Guys feed her ridiculous lies and she believes everything they say.  When people try to school her, she makes excuses for a guy’s actions or defends him to the hilt.
  • Butta Face – She has a bomb physique but her face is “Eww Wee!”  Although she’ll never admit it, she knows her body is the key to her success.  She loves men who compliment her body and she loves showing off her assets.  This is the chick on YouTube dancing and gyrating for everybody to see.  She doesn’t care if you notice her face as long as you say something nice about her body.
  • Ugly Girl w/ High Self-Esteem – She’s the cock blocker in every girl group.  She’s the one dragging her friend away from dudes at the club and the one who seems to dislike every one of her girl’s boyfriends.  She claims to love herself too much to allow men to mistreat her.  Ironically, she’s usually the one alone on Friday nights or who is “dating” a man you never see/meet.
  • Ugly Girl w/ Low Self-Esteem – She knows she ugly.  She has accepted that fact.  She’s receptive to virtually any man who looks her way.  Men scoop “her” when they’re looking for fast cash or oral satisfaction.  She’s the chick other women should watch out for because she is the most likely to accept sexual invitations from your man (or pursue him for that matter).
  • The Marrying Kind – She’s the kind of chick men run from in their 20′s and then seek out in their 30′s and 40′s.  She’s usually conservative in her style and reserved.  Although she isn’t thirsty to get married, she’s usually the kind of chick who expects a relationship if she  sleeps with you.
  • The Whore – She’s out there on a limb mentally.  Men know she’s the kind of chick who’s been taught/trained to satisfy her man by any means necessary.  She is the kind of woman men use to fulfill their sexual fantasies.  Men sleep with her and then recommend her to their friends.  She thinks she’s the hottest thing going but in essence she’s a buss down.  Since she usually has a “Get Money” mentality, this chick is a prime target for Pimps and often winds up a casualty of the Game.
  • Miss Materialism – She looks good and dresses even better.  Everything about a man begins and ends with how much money he has and what kind of car he drives.  She’ll date anyone as long as his pockets are fat.  She’s a pro and only celebrities, athletes and real business power players need apply.

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Do you know what type you are?  Share your opinions with us by commenting below.

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